baby modeling child modeling teen modeling casting auditions
baby modeling child modeling teen modeling casting auditions



Get Your Child Into TV, Commercials and Modeling

Newborn Babies, Toddlers, Children and Teens Earn Millions Each Year Appearing in TV, Commercials and Print Ads. Start Your Child Today


baby modeling agentAppearing in TV commercials and modeling for print ads is a great way to start your child's college fund, buy that first car, get experience in front of the camera and get noticed for other TV and movie roles. This site is the place to find children's talent agents, kids auditions, baby modeling agents and other legitimate contacts that will lead your child to success

No Audition Fees, No Up Front Agent Fees Ever


We provide you the most up-to-date contact information of legitimate, state licensed children's agents nationwide and kids casting directors hiring now. Children's acting agents, baby modeling agents all work on commission. They get paid after you get paid for the job. All children's auditions, baby casting calls are always Free and by appointment. No fake cattle calls that waste your time and most often charge fees.



Why pay money to have your child's photo entered into a contest when you can mail or e-mail your child's photo directly to the legitimate licensed baby modeling agencies, children's agents and kids casting directors now? Read Star and Studio Testimonials



Commercial Kids was founded in 1992 and Online since 1996.

Imagine the time, research and energy it would take you to:

  • Locate all licensed children's agents
  • Locate all kids casting directors holding free kids auditions
  • Verify that all kids casting calls are legitimate
  • Verify no fees for kids casting calls
  • Verify children's agents address and kids casting call addresses
  • Verify they need child talent, baby models, teens models
  • Verify all children's agents and kids casting offices are still in business and currently seeking talent
  • Sort by age groups. You don't want to send baby model photo's to an adult writers agency
  • Divide into categories - baby modeling, children commercial agents, teen actor agents etc
  • Type each address on mailing label. Child talent agents, baby modeling agents, toddler commercial agents all on professional labels

**If you question legitimacy of an agent/audition check our listings and see if they are listed.Most likely if they are not on our lists they are not legitimate or licensed.


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For showbiz opportunities for everyone over age 18 - see our parent site


E-mail Address Listings 600+ Children's Agents Nationwide

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