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Kids Casting Call Audition Tips

Top Casting Directors Tips On Children's Auditions

  1. Encourage your children to be themselves at casting calls and children's agent interviews. If children are the best "them" they can be, they are ahead of the game and will enjoy the process as much as the rewards.

  2. Some children may be shy and need encouragement. Start gently, keep it fun and do not keep pushing if your child resists.

  3. Let the children's casting directors and children's agents do their jobs. They do this full time and they want your child to be great.

  4. If the children's audition scene has lines or takes place in a specific scene, Work with your child in the waiting room only, do not coach them in the audition room. Keep it fun and light.

  5. Show up to children audition casting calls on time or early if possible. That way you can both relax before the audition. Be professional. Treat every children audition as fun.

  6. Parents should be supportive and protective. Your child actor will not get many of the parts they try out for. Only one child actor gets each part. It is important for you and your child to learn to deal with rejection. There will always be another audition. Keep it fun and light.

  7. Do not take rejection personally. Maybe today they wanted a redhead. Or perhaps they decided on a three year old and not a two year old. Just because you didn't book this job, does not mean you did anything wrong.

  8. Be professional and courteous -to everyone- from the security guard at the front gate of the studio to the receptionist to the casting director, and everyone in the audition room. 

  9. Teach your child to listen and be open to direction. 

  10. No chit chat. They do not want to hear about the traffic, or how your day is going. Put yourself in their position. They will meet 15-50 children and parents auditioning in one day. Would you want to hear 50 excuses on why you were late? 

  11. Casting directors remember nice children and nice parents.

  12. However successful children become, remember they are still children.

  13. Support and encourage, but do not push.

  14. Set up short term goals to promote their sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

  15. Maintain balance in their lives through quality family time.

  16. Never treat professional children as superior to their brothers and sisters or peers.

  17. Guard against children becoming either too egotistical or too insecure as a result of their career.

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