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Answers to most often asked questions about talent agents and casting calls

Q: Is your web site secure for credit card transactions?

A: Yes. SSL Certified by both PayPal and SecureSite. In addition your information will NEVER be given out or sold to another company.

Q: What is the difference between mailing lists and mailing labels?

A: Mailing Labels have the talent agents or casting directors name and address preprinted on an adhesive label. Saving you time, money and look more professional. Just peel off and put on the envelope. No retyping all that information. Many people purchase both the mailing lists and mailing labels so that they have a record of what they mailed out.

Q: When will my order arrive?

A: Orders are mailed first class from Los Angeles within 24 hours of placing your order. Please allow 4-5 business days for delivery from the United States Post Office.

Q: Is Commercial Kids a Children's Talent Agency?

A: No. We provide the most up to date names and addresses of all legitimate licensed child talent agents, kids talent managers, casting directors, music agents, dance agents producers and production companies in the United States. You will never be asked to pay up front fees of any kind from anyone on our lists.

Q: How often do we update the mailing labels and mailing lists?

A: Our database is updated daily. Every list is printed when ordered.

Q: Do actors and models need a licensed talent agent?

A: Yes. Talent agents have to be licensed to negotiate deals for you. and Licensed talent agents have work ethics code, rules and regulations to follow. They work on commission after you are paid for the job. 10% commission union jobs, 15 or 20% non-union jobs. They will never charge you any additional fees or up front money

Q: What ages do the Children's Agents Represent?

A: Newborns to age 21. If you are 25 and can play much younger, you might think about being with a kids agent.

Q: What ages do adult talent agents represent?

A: Anyone who looks or plays over 21 years old.

Q: How often should I do a mailing?

A: We recommend two to three times each year. If you are appearing in a play, show, commercial or movie you might want to mail more often to let the industry know what you are doing.

Q: Can I mail a money order or personal check?

A: Yes. Just mail it in to the address on the order form. Telephone orders also available toll free (877) 570-9662

Q: Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

A: Yes. We guarantee that everyone on our listings is a legitimate licensed entertainment industry person and/or company and that you will never be charged up front fees for any reason by anyone on our listings, and that is a Money Back Guarantee.

Q: How do I know who's a good agent and who's not.

A: All children's agents on our kids agent lists are licensed and legitimate talent agents and modeling agents there are no bad agents. It's all about having a great relationship with the kids agent you select. If you return calls right away, act like professional on auditions and book jobs, everyone will be happy.

Q: Tell me about the interview with a kids agent?

A: You are interviewing them and they are interviewing you and your child. They are looking for all types of children, newborns to teens. Nerdy to gorgeous. Chubby and slender model types and characters. Arrive on time. Make sure you and your child have eaten and are relaxed. They also select kids that will listen and take direction.

Q: Does your child need experience?

A: No! First of all they are kids they have to start somewhere, they expect kids to be inexperienced. If your child has taken any classes including: dance, karate, singing, baton, music, drama, art etc. be sure to let your agents know. If your child has had experience - you will soon put together a professional resume.

Q: Can I be my child's agent?

A: You might want to be your child's manager at some point, but leave the children's agenting up to the State licensed professional kids agents. Kids agents are licensed to legally procure work and negotiate jobs for your child. Children's agents also have the connections to casting directors and producers - relationships that benefit your child's career.



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