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Ages 0 - 18 Years

Agents for TV Commercials . Movies . TV Shows . Print Modeling

Rule #1 - Legitimate licensed Children's agents never charge upfront fees. They earn commission on jobs they book for your child after your child has been paid for the job!

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These reputable agents earn 10% commission on jobs they get your child after your child is paid for acting jobs and TV commercials or 20% on modeling jobs. Our job is to verify every agents address, verify they are reputable and state licensed, break each agency down by age, location and category, then keep it all up to date and print it fresh when you order it. These kids agent lists and preprinted mailing labels save you time, money and gives you security. Most of all, it saves you from being ripped off by scam agents that only take your money and never get you work.

Getting Your Child An Agent is Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Make copies of any 3x5 photo. On back write child's name, age and contact number

2. Include a short note about your baby or child and what you are seeking. modeling, movies, commercials, etc.

3. Mail to the agents using our lists and preprinted labels.

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Answers to your common questions

Should photo's be professional?

No. Save your money. Agents all agree that babies and young children change to quickly. Having a current photo is more important

What size should photo's be?

3"x5" or 4"x6" - your drugstore charges about 0.10 each

How many different looks and photos do I send?

One recent smiling photo is enough.

Hot Tips: Include siblings in the same envelope saves money.

Get maximum results mailing to casting directors and producers too. Parents rarely think of this and it gets great results.

Babies Modeling Agencies . Children's Talent Agents . Teen Model Agents

Nothing to join, no signing up, no web sites to post photo's on, no contests to enter. You will submitting directly to the agencies that will get your child free auditions and legally can negotiate job contracts and pay rates. Do not get fooled by gimmicks! These legitimate baby modeling agencies and kids talent agencies work on commission only. You do not have to live in Los Angeles or New York to pursue your dreams. We have the names and addresses of all state licensed legitimate child agents nationwide. If you do not see your state listed on the order form, use the New York or Los Angeles lists, they are representing babies, children and teens all over the world. Give your child every advantage in life. Agents are always seeking new faces.

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