baby modeling child modeling teen modeling casting auditions
baby modeling child modeling teen modeling casting auditions


Childrens Agents

Newborns Up to Age 18 Years Old

Baby Model Agents . Kids Modeling Agents. Child Acting Agents . Kids Dance Agents . Child Music Agents. TV . Commercials . Film . Fashion Shows

Never pay a kids agent money in advance. If a children's agent requires up front fees, they are not licensed and you are being ripped off! Plain and simple. You will never be asked for up front fees by anyone on our lists.

kids agentsWe provide up to date names and addresses of all licensed legitimate children's agents nationwide seeking ages 0 to 18 years old. You will never be charged up front fees by these children's talent agents and baby modeling agents. Talent agents and modeling agents for kids have the casting and studio connections to get your child auditions. These childrens agents are State licensed to legally procure work for your child and negotiate contracts for jobs.. Our list of licensed kids talent and child modeling agents for babies, child actors and teen models earn 10% commission on commercials, union jobs, TV shows and movies or 20% commission on print modeling and non-union jobs. In order for an kids agent to earn money they have to book jobs for your child. They obviously have a vested interest in your child earning a lot of money. They get paid after your child has been paid for every job. All professional child actors and child models have an children's agent. These top legitimate licensed reputable kids agents are looking for the next child actor, teen model or baby model to star in print ads, television commercials, movies and TV shows.  You could have the next Gerber Baby or Disney Channel star.  Remember The Olsen Twins were four months old when they started!

Getting a children's agent is easy as 1, 2, 3..

1. Make copies of a current photo of your child. 3x5 or 4x6

2. On back write child's name, age and contact number

3. Mail to the children's agents on our list or e-mail to agents using our e-mail listings.

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NEW! NEW! NEW! Children's Agent E-mail Address List

Many kids agents now accept submissions by both e-mail and regular mail. Look under "Resources" on order form for Agent E-Mail Address Listings

babys agentsAre people always saying..Wow, what a beautiful baby you have? Babies are earning millions acting and modeling in Baby Gap ads, Gerber Baby ads, television commercials, print ads, television shows and films. Get your infant modeling today! What a great way to start your child's college fund. Our list of licensed legitimate baby modeling agents nationwide are looking for the next baby model to star in Gerber Baby, Baby Gap, Huggies, Baby Guess and Baby Einstein print modeling ads and commercials. You do not need to enter a baby contest or baby pageant to start your baby modeling and you certainly do not need a model portfolio.

HOT TIP! Get maximum results mailing to Casting Directors and Producers on our lists. Parents rarely think to do it and those that do, get great results!
Agents for Children FAQ

Q: How do I know who's a good agent and who's not.

A: All children's agents on our kids agent lists are licensed and legitimate talent agents and modeling agents there are no bad agents. It's all about having a great relationship with the kids agent you select. If you return calls right away, act like professional on auditions and book jobs, everyone will be happy.

Q: Can I be my child's agent?

A: You might want to be your child's manager at some point, but leave the children's agenting up to the State licensed professional kids agents. Kids agents are licensed to legally procure work and negotiate jobs for your child. Children's agents also have the connections to casting directors and producers - relationships that benefit your child's career.

Q: Tell me about the interview with a kids agent?

A: You are interviewing them and they are interviewing you and your child. They are looking for all types of children, newborns to teens. Nerdy to gorgeous. Chubby and slender model types and characters. Arrive on time. Make sure you and your child have eaten and are relaxed. They also select kids that will listen and take direction.

Q: Does your child need experience?

A: No! First of all they are kids they have to start somewhere, they expect kids to be inexperienced. If your child has taken any classes including: dance, karate, singing, baton, music, drama, art etc. be sure to let your agents know. If your child has had experience - you will soon put together a professional resume.

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