baby modeling child modeling teen modeling casting auditions
baby modeling child modeling teen modeling casting auditions

Modeling Agents /Talent Agents

Newborns to 18 Years Old

Rule #1 - Legitimate licensed Children's agents never charge up front fees. They earn commission on jobs they book for your child after your child has been paid for the job!

kids agentsChildren's agents have the necessary relationships with casting directors to get your child auditions for commercials, TV shows and modeling ads. These legitimate kids agents are licensed by the states they work in and never charge up front fees. Getting a meeting with a children's agent requires knowledge of who the licensed legitimate agents are then requesting a meeting by writing them and sending a photo.

These licensed kids agents earn 10-20% commission on jobs they book after your child has been paid.  Of course no experience is needed. How can they have experience, they are only kids and have to start somewhere. You could have the next Gerber Baby or Disney star.  Remember The Olsen Twins were only four months old when they started!

Getting your child an agent is easy as 1, 2, 3..

1. Make copies of any 3x5 photo. On back write child's name, age and contact number

2. Include a short note about your baby or child and what you are seeking. modeling, movies, commercials, etc.

3. Mail to the agents using our lists and preprinted labels.

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TIP! Get best results mailing to Casting Directors and Producers on our list. Parents rarely think of this and get great results

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