baby modeling child modeling teen modeling casting auditions
baby modeling child modeling teen modeling casting auditions

Childrens Auditions Baby Casting Calls

Newborns to Age 18 Years

Rule #1 - Legitimate auditions are always free, no exceptions. If anyone requires a fee to "audition" you are being ripped off, plain and simple! We GUARANTEE you will never be charged fees by anyone on our lists.

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Casting directors are hired and paid by production companies or ad agencies to seek out new and established talent, hold auditions by appointment and hire the right baby or child for each part. Auditions are always Free.

You do not have to live in Los Angeles or New York to be considered. Casting directors hold casting calls worldwide. Sometimes they book directly from a photo or send you a script and have you tape your child doing a scene from the script. The best way to get seen by casting directors is to send your child's photo when they are casting. Casting directors keep photos on file and every casting director on our list is auditioning now. Even if you have an agent, you should still send photo's to casting directors. Chances are you will get extra auditions, impress your agent and book more jobs!

Getting Kids Auditions is Easy As 1, 2, 3

1. Make copies of any 3x5 photo. On back write child's name, birth date and contact number

2. Include a short note about your baby or child. If your child has experience or taken classes include resume. Babies and children are not expected to have experience. After all they are babies and children.

3. Mail to casting directors on our lists. These are casting directors currently holding free auditions for great paying modeling jobs, commercials, TV and movies.

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Children's Photo's & Saving Money.
Professional photos or modeling portfolios of babies and children that are just starting out are not required by the agencies on our list, rather the opposite. A few simple snapshots of your child will do. Some parents may insist on having professional photos taken. Please do not do this strictly for modeling purposes. You will be wasting your money. At this stage of your child's life, his/her looks change incredibly fast. Agents on our lists only need a recent photo or two, a head shot and a 3/4 shot. If you ask your agent for a list of photographers they like, that's great. Agents on our lists never get kick backs from photographers, actually if ask nice, they may get you a photographer for free. Many agents are connected with new photographers, they photograph your child in exchange for photo's they can add to their portfolio and you can use for your child's zed card. But wait until you get an agent and they will work on this with you

HOT TIP! Get maximum results by mailing to Children Agents

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