baby modeling child modeling teen modeling casting auditions
baby modeling child modeling teen modeling casting auditions

Audition Casting Calls

Newborns to Age 18 Years

Modeling . Acting . Dance . Music . TV . Commercials . Film . Fashion Shows . Print Ads

Scam: If anyone ever charges money to audition you are being ripped off! Plain and simple. Don't "register" anywhere except with a legitimate State licensed talent agent or reputable talent manager. The word "register" is never used in legitimate auditions.

Truth: Legitimate casting directors get paid by studios, ad agencies and production companies to audition babies and kids and find the right one for each role. We provide you the names and addresses of these casting directors. Casting directors on our lists NEVER charge money and they are all casting now.

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Every legitimate job hires a legitimate casting director. Casting directors know the talent and have relationships with talent and agencies. Casting directors schedule auditions by appointment. These are not phony cattle calls to waste your time. Casting calls are being held all over the world and we provide you this contact information for $16.95. We do all the research for you and give you a money back guarantee that you will never be asked for fees by anyone on our lists.

Getting Free Auditions is Easy As 1, 2, 3

1. Make copies of a current photo of your child. 3x5 or 4x6

2. On back write child's name, age and contact number

3. Mail to Casting Directors on our list.

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kids auditionsCasting directors move frequently. As you know TV shows come and go, movies come and go and new auditions for TV commercials come out by the dozens daily. We supply you up-to-date names and addresses of all Casting Directors that get your child actor, baby model, teen model, child singer or dancer work now. TV casting calls, commercial auditions, movie auditions, model casting calls and more for baby models, child actors and teen models. Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, TV Commercials, Print Modeling including JC Penny, GAP, Baby Gap, Fisher Price, Old Navy, Soaps and more


HOT TIP! Get maximum results by mailing to Children Agents

The casting directors list is a one time charge of $16.95 or a one time charge of $19.95 for the names and addresses printed on mailing labels. There are 4 casting lists available:

West Coast

LA Casting TV Film Internet Stage 325+ contacts

LA Casting Commercials, Voiceovers, Print Ads 125+ contacts

East Coast

NY NJ Casting TV Film Internet Stage 225+ contacts

NY NJ Casting Commercials, Voiceovers, Print Ads 125+ contacts


FAQ about Casting Calls

Q: What is the difference between auditions, casting calls, open auditions and cattle calls.

A: Auditions and casting calls are the same. They are by appointment and there are never any fees. Open calls and cattle calls are usually gimmicks to make money and do nothing for you. If they say "bring in your child" and don't even know what your kid looks like its a scam! Trust us when we tell you that casting directors are professionals and are hired and paid to find specific types for every role. They literally audition 200 three year old caucasian blonde girls to find exactly the right one. Be polite at auditions. Listen carefully to directions from the casting person and your child's agent. When they say nice casual it does not mean a big party dress. If they want a big party dress they will say "dress like you are going to a party".

To avoid scams - put yourself in the casting directors and producers shoes as best you can, and lets be honest... Why on earth would any show or TV commercial advertise on the radio or TV that they are having open auditions? Who wants hundreds of kids and parents just showing up... SOMEONE THAT WANTS TO MAKE MONEY! SCAM ARTISTS!

Q: What are my child's chances of success?

A: Better than most kids because now you have correct real information. Also, the more auditions the better you get at auditioning and the more jobs your child will book. It's a bit of a numbers game. Some get lucky on the first try, others might have 40 auditions and then book 5 jobs in a row.

Q: What is an audition like?

A: Most always scheduled by appointment and they have a good idea of what they are looking for. You may see 5 kids in the waiting room that resemble your kid. Auditions take about 5-10 minutes, but you should always get there 10 - 15 minutes early to unwind from traffic and they day. Plan on being there for an hour as they often run late. If your child is of speaking age, you will know in advance if they have lines to say. Most commercials and print ads are cast on looks and personality. If your child has lines you will be given a script or sides in advance. "Sides" is the term for a small section of the script used to audition. Kids are never expected to memorize until they are booked to play the part. Almost always they just want kids to be themselves.

Q: When are you paid?

A: Print jobs usually pay at the end of the workday or week if you are hired for more than one day. TV, films and commercials pay within (2) weeks and then you receive residuals every 13 weeks or less if its a commercial. Commercials pay big $$ more often than not. Unless your child is the lead in a movie or a series regular on a TV show, they will earn much more doing commercials. Plus commercials usually shoot in one or two days and kids earn money each time that commercial is played anywhere. The money potential is fantastic.

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