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Children's Casting Calls

Newborns to Age 18 Years

TV Commercials . Print Ads . TV Shows . Feature Films

Kids casting calls and baby auditions are always free. GUARANTEED you will never be asked to pay fees by anyone on our lists.

kids casting calls

Casting directors are hired and paid by production companies and ad agencies to seek out children ages 0-18 years for TV Commercials, TV Shows, Movies and Print Modeling Ads. Casting directors hold free kids casting calls and baby auditions by appointment to hire the right baby model or child actor for each part. Children's casting calls are being held now worldwide. The best way to get seen by casting directors holding kids auditions and baby casting calls is to send your child's photo directly to them.

Getting Free Kids Auditions and Baby Casting Calls is Easy As 1, 2, 3

1. Make copies of any 3x5 or 4x6 photo.

2. On back write child's name, age and contact number

3. Mail or e-mail to kids casting directors on our lists. These child casting directors are all holding free kids auditions now

kids auditions, baby casting calls

baby auditions, kids casting callsChildren's Photo's & Saving Money

Professional baby photos or kids modeling portfolios of babies and children just starting out are not required by the kids agencies on our list. A few simple snapshots of your child will do. Some parents may insist on having professional photos taken. At this stage of your child's life, his/her looks change incredibly fast. Kids agents on our lists only need a recent 3x5 photo. Have photo's handy when you start getting kids casting calls and baby castings calls. Bring them to the children's auditions with you.

HOT TIP! Get maximum results by mailing to Children Agents

kids auditions, baby casting calls

Everything for your child's success in one box!



kids auditions, baby model auditionKids Audition Casting Call Tips

  1. The BEST ADVICE we can give you is to have FUN! They call it a "play" for a reason. Before reading these tips be sure that your baby or child is into it. If your baby bawls when handed to a stranger, you may want to wait a few months. If your child is afraid to go into the casting room by themselves, depending on age, maybe wait a few months.

  2. Be professional and courteous to everyone from the security guard at the front gate to the receptionist and casting director. If that receptionist thinks you are rude, they certainly will tell everyone else.

  3. Be punctual. Kids casting calls take place after school. Casting calls happen in a fast-paced environment and casting directors appreciate consideration of their time and schedules.

  4. Homework. Watch commercials and study print ads. Almost always babies and children are supposed look like a representation of every other child. This means no makeup, no big frilly dresses, no special shopping on your part. If they want something special you will know before the audition. Dont surprise them with makeup and big hair on your kid. They are NOT auditioning to play hookers in a saloon.

  5. Children's callbacks after the first children's casting call, the casting director and director narrow it down to their best choices of the bunch. Always dress your child exactly the same as you did on the first audition. So often the director says: where is that girl in the pink shirt or I love that boy in the denim overalls.

  6. Be gracious and receptive. Teach your child to listen to direction. Casting directors may want to see if your child can take direction and babies are just supposed to be babies. Don't worry if your baby is cranky that day, it will happen.

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kids casting calls

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