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Children's Auditions

Newborns to 18 Years. Childrens Auditions include Babies, Teen Modeling etc. Anyone 0-18 years of age

Legitimate child auditions are always free. We guarantee you will never be asked for money by anyone on our lists.

Casting directors are hired and paid by production companies and ad agencies to seek out babies and kids ages 0 to 18 years to appear in TV commercials, television shows, movies and print modeling ads. Casting directors hold free child auditions and baby casting calls by appointment to hire the right baby model, child model or child actor for each part. These children's casting calls are being held now worldwide. The best way to get seen by casting directors if you don't have a children's talent agent yet, is to send your child's photo directly to casting directors. If you do have a child talent agent, then you can earn even more child casting calls by sending our your child's photo to casting directors. The more castings your child attends, the more jobs they book.

Getting your child auditions is easy as 1 2 3

1. Make copies of any size current photo

2. On back write child's name, age and contact number

3. Mail or email to casting directors on our casting director lists.

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What are Casting Directors?

Television, feature films, print ads, TV commercials, webisodes and stage, they are very different venues for children to appear but all start with the casting director. Casting directors work directly for ad agencies, studios, production companies and theaters, Casting directors often work freelance and often that freelance job is a TV series that keeps them working for many years. Casting directors work very close with producers, directors, writers, child talent agencies and child talent managers. They are always looking for talent. On each TV show they watch, play they attend and yes, even when they go to the drug store. They never know where the next Olsen twins, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep or Denzel Washington will come from.

Children's Casting Call Process

Casting directors read a script (script or story board if they are a commercial casting director) and then collaborate with producers, director, and writers to create a description of each character. Often what they write as a description and what they actually cast are very different things. When they start auditions Casting DIrectors get to be creative and bring in child actors and child models to both be creative and they all want to discover the child star. Casting directors send these character breakdowns these to children's agents and child talent managers. Casting directors will receive many child actors and child models photo's to select the the best child actor or child model and schedule children's auditions.

Depending on how much time they have before shooting starts, a casting director may hold an initial round of children's auditions and personally decide which child actor or child model to call back for the producer, director and ad agency. For TV commercials and print modeling everything happens very fast. Casting directors may audition 200 children in one day and call back 15 for their bosses. One thing to remember... if your child landed the audition - rest assured the casting director wants you to be the one. Casting directors are always on your side.

Got a Beautiful Baby? Your baby could be the next Gerber Baby, Huggies or Pampers Baby.

If people are always saying how beautiful your baby is? Maybe they are right. Send your babies photo in to casting directors on our list and see what happens.

Children's Photo's & Saving Money.

Professional photos or modeling portfolios of babies and children just starting out are not required by the agencies on our list. A few simple snapshots of your child will do. Some parents may insist on having professional photos taken. You will be wasting your money. At this stage of your child's life, his/her looks change incredibly fast. Agents on our lists only need a recent 3x5 photo or two.

HOT TIP! Get maximum results by mailing to Children Agents

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